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Everything You Need to Know About AICE Classes

Liliana Stollberg
A picture of the Cambridge AICE logo

There are so many ways in school to challenge yourself and learn new skills, and an abundance of different classes you can take. One popular option is the Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) program. These are advanced college-level classes that offer new experiences, and college credit, and make you look more competitive to colleges. 

AICE consists of two different types of classes: A Level (Advanced Level) and AS Level (Advances Subsidiary Level). AS Levels are standalone qualifications that can be completed as the first level of the A Level program. A Level classes are more in-depth qualifications that build upon what you learn in AS Levels.

There’s a wide array of classes with over 50 AS and A-level subjects to choose from. There are part of 4 different subject groups: Group 1: Mathematics and Sciences, Group 2: Languages, Group 3: Arts and Humanities, Group 4: Interdisciplinary subjects. 

Every AICE exam you pass earns you 3-4 college credits which, combined with dual enrollment or early admissions, can help you graduate high school with your AA degree. Each exam also counts as one credit towards the AICE diploma. 

The AICE Diploma is an internationally recognized qualification. In Florida, earning your AICE diploma can qualify you for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship program. To get your AICE diploma you need a minimum of 7 credits. It is required that one of the credits is Cambridge International AS Level Global Perspectives and Research. The other class must come from Groups 1, 2, and 3. Classes from Group 4 are optional, and a maximum of 2 can be counted towards your AICE diploma.

AICE classes offered at Santaluces:

Group 1: Math and science 

  • AICE Marine Science 
  • AS Environmental Management
  • AS Psychology 
  • AS Physical Education(can be used in groups 1 or 3)

Group 2: Language

  • AS English Language
  • AS Spanish Language
  • AS French Language

Group 3: Arts and Humanities

  • AS International History
  • AS US History
  • AS Art & Design
  • AS Digital Media & Design
  • AS Travel & Tourism
  • AS Music
  • AS Literature in English
  • AL Literature in English

Group 4: Interdisciplinary

  • AS General Paper
  • AS Thinking Skills
  • AL Thinking Skills 


  • AS Global Perspectives & Research

Combined, we have taken a variety of AICE classes here at Santaluces. We both took AS Psychology with Mr.Gray and really enjoyed the class. It is a super interesting subject and the curriculum consists of a bunch of different psychology studies that are fascinating to learn about. Evelyn Portillo said she loved her AS Thinking Skills class. “You learn a lot about math, reading, and writing. The wide range of subjects in the class kept me interested.” Allison Bower said her favorite AICE class she’s taken at Santaluces is AS English Language. “I think Ms.Lupu is a really good teacher. She is understanding, funny, and makes the class interesting.”

We highly recommend AICE classes if you hope to further your education and gain new skills and knowledge.

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