COS: Leann Taylor


Courtesy of Leann Taylor

Leann also enjoys watching Netflix and spending time with her family.

Senior Leann Taylor is a Chief that exemplifies academic excellence. During her 4 years at Santaluces, Leann has been apart of many different clubs and extracurricular activities.

Currently, Leann is one of the presidents of the Science National Honor Society, and the Treasurer for the National Honor Society.

 “As an officer, I assist in planning and organizing member meetings while collaborating with the other officers. Recently, the officers and I  have been facilitating breakout rooms during our club meetings so we can make more intimate and secure spaces for the members without having an overwhelming number of students in one main room,” says Taylor.

Along with many others from the Class of 2021, Leann did not expect to miss out on a good portion of her senior year.

 “Being virtual has made it a little difficult to carry out all the activities we want to do but we make it work the best we can,” says Taylor.  

Being at the top of her class, Leann has taken some of the most rigorous courses offered on campus. Taylor aspires to go to Cornell University, NYU, or the University of Florida. In college, Leann would like to major in dietetics.

“The major would lead me on a path to become an RD (Registered Dietician) where I can counsel patients and assist them with their eating habits,”

Outside of academics, Leann is also apart of the Santaluces Bowling team and enjoys making jewelry and eating Chipotle in her downtime.

The memories that were made during her 4 years at Santaluces is something that Leann describes as her favorite part of high school.

“My favorite part of high school is hanging out with my friends and learning new material in my classes. Pre-covid, I would enjoy seeing my friends every day in school while we just had the best time together. Learning new material in my classes is also a part of high school I enjoy because I can retain and apply that new knowledge after I graduate,” says Taylor.