COS: De’juh Hickman

A Future NICU Nurse


De'juh Armani Hickman

This is De’juh Armani Hickman smiling beautifully for the camera.

Jalisha Rowen, Staff Writer

This week I interviewed my best friend and a proud Chief here at Santaluces Community High School, De’juh Armani Hickman. De’juh is a hard-working, black-american student who is currently enrolled in AICE classes as well as honors. She is involved with the medical program here at Santaluces going strong this being her fourth year, and she is in love with it.

De’juh wants to become a neonatal intensive care unit nurse or for the shortened term a NICU nurse in the future and I do believe that she will be able to accomplish this dream with her dedication. Here are some things to know about De’juh:

I began my interview with the following question, What college do you plan to attend after graduating this year?” De’juh stated that she would love to attend her dream college, FAU, saying, “It feels that the program itself obtains a high standard and it’s very hands-on, it would also be easier for me to get into FAU because of the relationship FAU and Santaluces have together, having had many trips and interactions leaving me confident for acceptance.”

However, she also says that if she isn’t accepted into FAU, there is also Palm Beach State College, Nova Southern Eastern University, and Chamberlain University. These colleges cost money and if you got the money then, go for it. De’juh, unfortunately, does not have the money for these colleges so she spends most of the school day and extra time at home working on scholarships, currently at 50 done in 3 months, writing essays left and right.

Now you are probably wondering what she does in her free time if she is writing all these essays for her scholarships. So after that, I decided to ask, “What do you like to do in your free time?” De’juh stated she likes to read thriller books with romance in twined with it occasionally. She also loves to create things such as furniture D.I.Y for her room, making lip scrubs, and designing clothes. In due time, De’juh wants to start her own healthcare apparel business, which is sells healthcare-themed keychains and sweatshirts or any clothing to any and everybody. Although she loves doing all that, she claims that her favorite thing to do is to watch movies with her family.

The next question I asked De’juh was, “How do you stay motivated in school?” Since De’juh is quite frankly a really good student rarely getting in trouble and maintaining her grades through all her school years, this year her having an amazing streak of straight A’s. I thought I would ask her how she keeps this nice record. To which she replied, “I stay motivated in school by thinking and knowing that if I get my work done now it will help me excel in my nursing career.”

I believe this is a good way to stay motivated throughout the school year because knowing that what you’re doing now will affect you in the future for the good or bad, makes you think about the future. It lets you know that hey if I keep doing this, this will happen the outcome being good or bad.

Furthermore, I decided to ask De’juh, “What is your favorite thing about being here at Santaluces?” To which De’juh replied, “My favorite thing about being here at Santaluces for all four years was the teachers, with my favorite teacher being Mrs.Harms.” De’juh stated that Mrs. Harms always wants to hear students out and always tries to work with them, to help them out to the best of her ability.

I do agree that one thing that makes a school great is having amazing teachers who are willing to help you out with anything because it makes the students feel for one, comfortable and two, safe, especially for the ones who don’t already feel safe at home. While school is a place to learn it is also a place to feel safe which is what students need.

The last question I asked De’juh was, “What advice would you give to Freshman?” De’juh stated that education is very important and strongly encourages Freshman to get their assignments turned in on time and do their best. She knows that sounds a little cliche but it’s true, it is important to not slack off especially Freshman year because it’s very hard to catch back up and get on track during the end of your high school career.

This is De’juh’s last and final year of High School and right after she graduates, she expects to go off to college to get her BSN which stands for Bachelor of Science in Nursing and become a neonatal intensive care unit nurse. And since she is my bestie I shall always support her decisions. Well most of them.