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Santaluces High School

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Santaluces High School

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COS: Christopher Desir

The Tribe
A picture of Chris Desir at school
Chris announcing the starting players at a home game.

Believe it or not, some people call him the mayor of Santaluces. I mean, he’s everywhere and involved in everything!

Meet Christopher Desir, mostly known as Chris. He practically does everything. From being a social media influencer to a music artist all while being a student, he’s pretty versatile. This is Chris’s second  and final year here at Santaluces. When I asked Chris about the culture here at Santaluces he talked about how it has influenced him in all types of ways. He says, “First, I try to follow the meaning of CHIEFS (Culture, Health, Involvement, Excellence, Focus, and Service) to the best of my abilities.” Being that this is Chris’s second year here, he says, “When I first came to Santaluces I felt welcomed, like a place of belonging. It’s like I was meant to be a part of the Chief Nation. I love the people and the environment and enjoy it. I’d say it was my best decision to transfer over here.”

Chris also spoke on how Santaluces has influenced him. He talked about how Santaluces gave him a chance to be himself, while also giving him experience in his future career. If you’ve been to a Santaluces home game and heard the starting players get announced, that’s Chris! Chris says Coach Banks allows him to work alongside the team. He also expressed his gratitude for Coach Banks. He says, “Thanks to Coach Banks for giving me the opportunity. He really impacts me a lot and gives me motivation to do so much. He also fuels my ideas for the team.”

When I told Chris some people really call him the mayor of Santaluces, he was confused and shocked. He says, “I have never even thought of myself as the mayor but I take it with great honor as that role to those who see that role towards me. Honestly, It’s just crazy to even think about but I like the sound of mayor.”


Outside of school, Chris makes music. His stage name is “Besides Chris.” Some of his biggest bangers, and my favorites are, “BMDC,” “Haitian Men Don’t Cheat,” and his latest single, “#GETSEXY.” His latest single wasn’t something that usually drops. Chris said he was just experimenting when he made the song. He didn’t know how it would do. Chris says,” I was afraid to release my newest song. It’s a disco party song inspired by house party music.” Chris thought no one would like it, but it did the complete opposite. Many people, including myself enjoyed, “#GETSEXY.”

Chris says that he has multiple muses, one being Lebron James. Chris says he is a strong leader in his community and loves his family. He also looks up to Kanye West. “Ye makes music and isn’t afraid to try new things,” says Desir. Finally, He looks up to Donald Glover. He pictures him as a creative genius when it comes to shows and art. Chris says, “All three of them really shape me.”

Chris’s inspirations are his brother, his friend, Brian, and his parents. He says they have motivated him to keep trying and keep progressing through life. They remind him that no matter how hard life gets, keep picking yourself back up. Chris says, “I really love that because without them I don’t know who I would have become.”

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