Life Is Strange Takes Players On a Roller Coaster of Emotion

Life Is Strange Takes Players On a Roller Coaster of Emotion

Angelina Garcia, Staff Writer

Life Is Strange is a video game split up by episodes, and each episode continues the story of Max Caulfield and her high school experience in a boarding school. Max has the ability to rewind time to a certain extent, and this is the power that players are able to control.

According to the game’s website, Life Is Strange ”sets out to revolutionize story based choice and consequence games by allowing the player to rewind time and affect the past, present, and future.”

In this game, certain decisions that you make can change the path that the entire game takes overall. If you don’t like a decision that you have made, you’re able to rewind time to choose a different option, and even return to the first option if you’ve decided it’s the best choice. This game also has some serious plot-twists that take players by surprise, and some of the decisions are far from being easy. It’s one of those games, similar to the Walking Dead games, that’ll leave some players staring at their screen, trying to pick the best thing to say or do in-game. Despite being able to rewind, there will be moments where that power is not accessible.

After going back in time, anything that players have collected in their inventory will remain in their inventory, as the game isn’t entirely made up of solely making difficult decisions. Players will also be able to interact with their environment, and learn new things about characters in the game while doing so. This is actually encouraged, as there are a few “easter eggs” (a hidden treat, like a secret message or inside joke) throughout the episodes.

The first episode of Life Is Strange costs $4.99 on Steam, and the price for the bundle of all five episodes is $19.99, and they’re available on multiple gaming platforms.