Things Get “Awkward” During The Premiere


Courtesy of MTV

Bonnie Praphatphong, Staff Writer

Season five of MTV’s comedy hit show, “Awkward,” premiered Tuesday, March 15th, 2016. The Teen Choice Award and People’s Choice Award winner surrounds protagonist Jenna Hamilton, played by Ashley Rickards, and how her life is unraveling into its final season. She comes back home for the summer from her first year of college back East. It’s all fun and laughs watching Jenna try to navigates through her awkward life in Palos Hills, California.

The show following other shows like Pretty Little Liars jumps ahead.The newly renewed Jenna finds that she is not the only one who changed after graduation. She comes home to major changes in her relationships with friends, family, and most significantly her long-time beau, Matty McKibben played by Beau Mirchoff. 

Jenna herself has had the most changes not only in her appearance, but mindset. Before she was fine with just blogging anonymously about life, but the new Jenna is confident in letting the world know who she is through her words and her voice. This is refreshing, but her new nose ring is not. She has the quintessential “I live and breath in self righteousness” starter kit look.

Minus the “Whole Foods look,” the other big change in Jenna’s life is the end of her and Matty. The show references to a big and complicated break-up, but no specific on both parties. It is obviously though that it did not end well as Matty calls Jenna a, “self-righteous hippie chick who thinks she’s better than everyone, standing there with some stupid thing stuck in your nose.”

For a long-time viewer like me, this break-up is major. However, one of Jenna’s ex-boyfriends comes back in the opener. Her college fling Luke is working with her at her fellowship at her dream job, Idea Bin, and he may be a possible love interest again.

The other half of Jenna and Matty- Matty is seen in previews of the season five as having some identity issues during his first year in college, but in the first episode he has a girlfriend who he seems to be happy partying with.

The rest of the lovable cast is also going through some changes. Tamara and Sadie Saxton have gone from frenemies to DTRing their relationship as BFFs. Lissa is also playing Palso Hills housewife/actual nanny to Jenna’s baby sister. Also, Lissa is back with Palso Hill Country Club manger Jake Rosati and Sergio is not with his Sadita/Sadie Saxton.

This season hopefully will not disappoint with all of the drama surrounding Jenna, her relationship, friends, family, and her future with Matty.