A Seat at The Table: Review


Courtesy Of saintheron.com

Santiago Rivera, Staff Writer

Solange Knowles’ brand new album is truly an important piece of work. It has been well received by those in the music community and fans alike. A Seat at The Table peaked at all the way to the number 1 spot on Billboard’s top 200. This is Solange’s first number 1 album and it is also the first time two sisters, Solange and Beyonce, have had number 1 albums in the same year.

Throughout the project, Solange speaks about many topics and emotions such as: sadness, anger, racism, empowerment, love, equality, social constructs, ect. Such as the case in one of the stand out tracks “Cranes in the Sky,” where Solange discusses filling in a void of pain over a chilling drum loop and juxtaposing playful strings.

This project has interludes that serve as insight into the mind of Solange’s guests. For example, in the interlude “Dad was Mad,” her father describes a time in his life where he was angry over the treatment of black people and how he was caught in that hatred. The interlude sets up the track titled “Mad,” in which Solange justifies her anger for the love that society does not hold.

Another stand out track is “Don’t Touch my Hair.” In this track she tackles the micro aggressions perpetuated by non-black people. Solange explains her dissatisfaction with people touching her pride (depicted as her hair).

Solange poured 4 years of her life into to this piece of art. Writing about events and experiences that have happened to her and continue to happen throughout society to black people. Solange uses this form of communication in order to open up about black womenhood and the struggles attributed to it. A Seat at The Table is a project that will celebrated for years to come. Its ability to relate to a broad spectrum of emotions and events is exactly what could society needed to feel complete.