Train Releases New Hit “Play That Song”

Matthew Leto, Sports Editor

Train recently released their single “Play That Song,” which will be accompanied by a dozen other songs when Train releases their full album in 2017. Fans have eagerly awaited for the band’s new work to drop. After 2012’s California 37 album, Train fans were left with mixed emotions. The album was very good, due mainly to the hit song “Drive By”, but the long await for a legendary song may be over. To me, it was a nice melody and it added diversity to the specific sound of music they are used to making.

“Play That Song” is definitely a return to the top 100 scene for Train. The new single does not lack popularity, as the new song has been trending on itunes since its release. I have nothing, but good remarks on this new song. After all, being able to consistently produce radio hits that boosted Train to the top in 2012, it is great to see Train to go from irrelevant to the top of the charts yet again.

From a music fan’s standpoint, “Play That Song” couldn’t be more enjoyable. The sounds mixed together, yield an amazing melody that is second to none.

The rest of the album, titled A Girl a Bottle a Boat should be out in early 2017.