Book Review: The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Sorana Joseph, Staff Writer

Years after a catastrophic event, America is left in ruins. A man and his son roam through the burned ravages of what they once knew. They have only each other, and thus do everything to stay together. With only a pistol with two rounds, a cart of scavenge food, and the clothes on their backs, they are grossly unprepared to face the horrors of a country governed by the impulses of man.

The father and son are cold, hungry, and weary – yet they continue to push each other to keep going. The Road is beautiful tale of how relationship and human tenderness can strengthen human will, even when there isn’t anything else to live for. Father does everything to protect his son, this means everything and anything. They cannot lose each other in such a world. Yet with every passing paragraph, you are on the edge, left to imagine what comes next. There’s a feeling of unease as the book progresses, that all their efforts will inevitably be in vain.

The Road analyzes the capability of human persistence at its best and and its worst; How even in a lawless post-apocalyptic world with nothing to offer but torment and ghosts, human love is unfailing. A moving yet disturbing story, The Road is a read that will make sure to leave a lasting impression.