Anime of the Month: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (JJBA)

Brian Reache

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What do you think about this anime?


What do you think about this anime?

The anime of the month is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure because it’s the sixth season release date, and with its bizarre elements, the show has risen to the top and has been there for years.

Their power system is top tier, and even though they’ve made a sudden shift within the seasons, the characters are goated and the whole show all around is a goated anime.

The story is about a multigenerational family fighting the evils of the world. It starts with the first Joestar, also known as Jonathan Joestar. He has this adoptive brother named Dio (the main antagonist). His brother, Dio, torments JoJo for most of his life until a certain point, which after that they became close. But right after college, Dio became jealous again and was ambitious to kill the whole Joestar family; He even tried to kill his adoptive father as well.

After a little while, Dio came upon this phantom mask and with that, he becomes a powerful vampire. Jonathan is powerless against Dio until he finds out about this power called Hamon, which is sunlight energy, to defeat Dio, but that was just the first part of the story. There are around 6-8 parts of the story.

The third part is different from the first and second because they introduce a new power system called stands. Stands are the manifestation of the human soul. There are tons of different stands in that part and the other parts as well.

What I really like about this show is that even if someone seems the worst in the world, the person would make the stand god tier and not easy to kill. The battle IQ of these characters are literally unmatched.

In conclusion, JJBA is a great anime, and even though I’m at the end of season 4, it’s something I recommend to watch.