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Santaluces High School

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Coraline on the Big Screen

Basia Vil
Coraline with her infamous yellow coat on the theater screen.

A classic fall favorite stop-motion film has just been put back on the big screen in theaters: Coraline! The movie Coraline has been remastered and put in theaters for only a very limited amount of days for LAIKA Studios‘ 15th-anniversary celebration.

As much as people were excited to see it in theaters, people were just as scared to learn the movie was remastered. Now typically when a movie is remastered it means a new recording is made of the old version, but rumors of new scenes being added to the film were flying. Because of this, I was determined to see it during the two-day time frame of August 14th and 15th when it would be available to watch. During those two days, Coraline was able to rack up 5 million dollars! Due to this, LAIKA Studios has added an extra 2 more days, August 28-29, because of the outpour of love and excitement fans have shown!

Sitting down and watching such a key movie in not only mine but in a lot of other childhoods was extremely exciting. From being absolutely terrified by it as a child to absolutely adoring and appreciating every frame and pixel from my very second watch out of all the hundreds.

The visual and audio quality was amazing. I was able to see Coraline with her iconic yellow coat glide across the screen and hear the cheery songs clearer than ever before due to it being remastered. My popcorn and slushy were accompanied by the waves of nostalgia that constantly hit me seeing the most memorable scenes (the other dad singing, the jumping mice’s performance, the other mother’s transformation, and along with any other scene with Wybie in it.)

There were no new scenes added from what I could tell, only an after-scene on a closer look at the creation and development of the uniquely designed hand-made dolls. But seeing the movies in theaters was an experience I recommend to everyone who loves this movie just as much as I do. And for the people who don’t want to give it a second chance, it was so much fun seeing this childhood classic in theaters.

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Basia Vil, Staff Writer
My name’s Basia (boh•see•yuh) and I’m a new member of the Tribe! I'm excited to contribute to our school’s newspaper. Apart from this, I am a member of the Santaluces Medical Academy, Key Club, and SNHS. I hope to get more involved in my school and community. In my free time, I enjoy volunteering, reading, crocheting, and riding my longboard. I look forward to sharing my writings!

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