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The Chosen’s Beautiful Way of Humanizing Biblical Figures

A picture of the word, chosen in the Bible
Bryanne Elie
A picture of the word, “chosen” in the Bible

As a Christian, most of the media centered around Christianity that I’ve consumed in the past was not the best. Most of them tend to be very low-budget with cookie-cutter tropes and ignorant of non-believers making it hard for all people to enjoy.

Very few of them have surpassed these issues until The Chosen

This show was released on December 24, 2017, and is currently running with three seasons so far.  According to Leaders News, it has accumulated 110 million viewers ever since. 

I always knew of this show but I never watched it until April of this year. And all I was upset about was the fact that I didn’t watch this sooner. 

The show follows Jesus and the twelve disciples throughout the time when Rome was in control. I know you’re probably thinking, “Hasn’t this been done before?” But the way that this show portrays this story is like none other. The reasoning is that it actually humanizes these biblical figures. 

The disciples are portrayed to be scared, angry, impatient, and at times skeptical. This perfectly encapsulates how an ordinary person would be when encountering a prophet who broke the religious construct within the area. It makes me as a viewer feel seen in these people as they aren’t portrayed to be perfect or pious, they’re just like any other person who is a believer aiming to strengthen their faith. 

Even though the show does take its creative liberties most of the time, it still holds very accurately to the Bible and takes its time to display every detail. There were so many details that I thought were fabricated but they were written in the Bible, amazing me of how they were able to adapt that onto the screen. So many book adaptations ignore the important details that give the story sense but with this show, I could feel that the team of this show truly cared about giving this story justice on screen.

These attributes are rarely found in Christian media which inspires me to contribute to this in the near future with my writing. It’s time that Christian media evolves in the way it displays stories and The Chosen has started this for all people to enjoy.

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About the Contributor
Bryanne Elie, Editor
Hello! My name is Bryanne Elie. I am currently a Senior at Santaluces. This is my second year with the Tribe but my first year being editor. I enjoy reading, writing, learning, and sleeping. I'm a part of NHS and have a musical background as I've played the violin and flute. I am so excited to be back to have an even better year and write exciting articles for you all to enjoy!

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    CelineSep 21, 2023 at 10:17 PM

    Love this! Very inspiring