How to Be Fashionable on Halloween


Faith Beaubrun, Fashion Editor

Halloween is the time of year where it’s okay to be someone you’re not. But some may want to steer away from the typical store bought costumes that can be a little cheesy. If you care more about being best dressed than scaring people you could use costume themes as inspiration for fashionable outfits. Here are some ideas for fashion forward Halloween “costumes” that portray the spirit of the holiday but are also wearable for any day of the week-if you’re brave.


Key Pieces: Sequins, fish nets, colored hair                

Key Pieces: Jeans, Chambray shirt, fringe, boots


Key Pieces: Pastel colors, a hand-held fan, corseted top

 Key Pieces: Track pants, checker print, and a flag













 Key Pieces: Skull designed top and leather