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Check out some ideas for prom/graduation coming up!

Marisia Aquino-Woods, Staff Writer

Hey, my loves.

Today, I went to a few of my go-to stores now that Graduation and Senior prom is right around the corner!

For starters, as many of you may have heard, high-heels are highly recommended not to be worn during Graduation due to caution regarding us ladies. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t wear them or can’t buy them necessarily. In the end, it’s all up to you, my love. But for those who are interested or need a recommended store, I have just the store for you!

One of my favorite stores to go to for high heels is Shoe Haul. Solely, because it has literally everything, girl! From sandals to high-heels, to flats, to wedges, to sneakers; you name it, they have it, and for real cheap too! No matter your differences in footwear, Shoe Haul has you covered. They even sell costume jewelry for those who want to add a little bit of sparkle to their prom dresses at a more affordable price. If you’re truly in need, that’s the place to go!

But, let’s not just stop there.

To my ladies out there who are in need of a graduation dress, here are some of my favorite shops to go to. Starting with the most known online shopping store… Fashion Nova. This is one of many where you can find affordable dresses. Ranging from long to short, to even mid-way, pant-suits, two pieces (shirt and skirt), satin… they have it all.

Which in my opinion is why they’re so popular because not only do they have a variety to choose from, they also cater to your size. Whether you’re short, tall, skinny, or plus size, they make sure they include everyone and every little detail you may be looking for, which honestly makes Fashion Nova so much better than any online clothing store, in my opinion.

However, that is not the only store I recommend; Andrew’s Bridal is one of many favorites. This is mainly because they provide you with the type of dresses that will make you stand out during prom. Sparkles or not, their selection has so many “wow” factors that will be the talk/look of the night. Plus, they even provide you with a selection of a more classy and casual look for those who love an all-slim and fitted look.

Now, loves, this note goes out to my curly heads.

If you are in need of a hairstylist for prom or graduation and do not really know anyone who can do your type of hair, one of my favorite salons is Kary Stylist Dominican Salon. The women there are honestly so sweet and observant; they literally take their time and listen to all your requests. I recommend it honestly because not only do they accommodate you, but for women like myself who are Afro-Latina, it’s important and very beneficial to have someone who knows how to actually style your hair and keep it protected.

Last but not least, Nailssss!!! To all my loves out there who are in need of getting their nails done, I present to you my one and only favorite go-to nail tech, Lorena. Known as Dolledupbylore, she is one of many who understands and gets the job done; one of the many reasons why I love her. She is very affordable and brings out every inch of creative thinking she has in mind to the table; and to add more, she is indeed well sanitary when it comes to her tools and customers’ health.

Overall, she is just the most loving person I ever met. You will never regret your first session!

However, my loves, everything does come to an end. With that being said, I hope I helped you out or guided many of you ladies into some promising options that will have you as the STAR of the night. Until next time, my loves.

Contacts//everyone’s information:

Nails:@dolledupbylore (on Instagram)

Kary Stylist Dominican Salon: 561-429-4657 @4441 10th ave N, Lake worth beach FL 33461

Shoe Haul: 561-469-2960 @1334 N military trail, West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Fashion Nova:

Andrew’s bridal: 561-615-9553 @10300 Forest Hill Blvd suite #268 // Wellington mall