Drag’s Impact on Fashion


Faith Beaubrun, Fashion Editor

Drag is a gender-bending art form that has taken over the fashion world. However, it’s more than just men emulating women but a way of self expression through clothes and makeup. Drag and fashion are similar in more ways than people could imagine; one way is its ability to appeal to the masses and influence popular culture. It has taken the once underground club movement of drag decades to reach the mainstream, but with the help of shows like Rupaul’s Drag Race, drag is now able to reach the likes millions all around the world, some who may have never seen a man in a wig before.

Sasha Velour (season 9 winner)

The Emmy award winning show, now in its 10th season, has catapulted a plethora of queens with huge personalities into stardom over night. From glamorous pageant queens to “campy” out of the box queens to high fashion rule-breaker queens, they all compete for the title of “Next Drag Superstar.” But if the competitive nature of the show is not enough, the fashion moments on the main stage every week is enough to have you coming back for more; the same way fashion week is highly anticipated every year. People sitting front row at a show or in front of their TV each week can’t wait to see what these creators have up their shelves for us to “gag” over.

Monique Heart (season 10)

The Vixen (season 10)

Aquaria (season 10)

Aja (Season 9)

These queens and designers have a huge influence on each other. For years it has always been that drag queens would recreate high fashion looks onstage but now the tables have turned. Top designers are using drag queens as inspiration for their collections, either as a muse or as campaign models. Drag Race season 6 queen ‘Milk’ was able to have his own fashion campaign with designer Macs Jacobs after leaving the show, completely changes the way people view gender and what is considered “male” fashion. With influence such as this, it’s more common now to see men walking down the runway in skirts, a wig and even high heels and believe it or not it’s thanks to drag.

Don ‘Milk’ Donigan

Drag started from humble beginnings first being used in the 20th century in Shakespearean plays and since then has turned into a global sensation. Gender ambiguity is trending in the fashion world thanks to the many queens who were willing to share their art with the world. With the way drag is being celebrated today it shows no signs of stopping, and frankly we don’t want it to.