Fashion Week Kicks Off in The Big Apple

Marie Bobb, Staff Writer

With Tom Ford missing, 26 new models, and over 100 behind the scene previews, this years New York fashion week already is starting off busy and full of drama.

The first day of fashion week in New York and Tom Ford, famous fashion designer, is no where to be found. He usually appears in the London and New York fashion week but this year he isn’t scheduled at all to appear at either one. Ford also isn’t responding to emails. Could this mean he is planning something big or just not feeling the fashion weeks this year?

Unlike Ford, 26 new models will be appearing at this years fashion week and there is major hype about it. Every year women are asked to submit a picture of themselves, preferably a selfie, and it will be looked at by the coordinators of this big event and multiple women will be lucky enough to get chosen to strut down the New York runways.

One company that was inspired by the spring season for their clothing is Whit. Whitney Pozgay is an upcoming fashion designer who’s related to designer, Kate Spade. Pozgay will be reappearing in this year’s New York fashion week and based on her previous appearances, she is definitely a designer to keep your eyes on. Pozgay took spring style to a new level by the bright colors and patterns she puts together so well.

Here are some of her past spring fashion styles:

Model, Josilyn Williams, in Spring 2015 Whit
Whit Spring 2013, New York fashion week