Places to Go for Valentine’s Day

Courtesy of Whitney Thelusme

Courtesy of Whitney Thelusme

Alicia Newby, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching and plans need to be made. There are many fun places to go with your bae, your friends, and even your family.

Movie theatre: This is the number one place to go for Valentine’s day for people our age. Who wouldn’t want to watch an extremely romantic movie, while cuddling with their boyfriend; or just having a good time with your friends.

Restaurant: This type of date is more on a personal level and more intimate. At a dinner you can be face to face and talk about anything you want. If you are with friends, you get to come together and communicate more, rather than chatting over the phone. As for family, this is a good place for everyone to catch up and have some cherished family time.

Bowling alley: This is a fun place to go because it is very competitive. You can go with a group of friends and make teams, or have a one on one with your boo.

Beach: There are many things you can do at the beach; you can actually swim, take a walk and take romantic pictures, or even have a beach picnic. To have a picnic you must make food, set a towel on the sand and put that food on the towel. Music can be played by your phone and blankets can be brought.

Skating Rink: This can go both ways. With your significant other it can be a very romantic date. Think of a “Titanic” scene; holding hands and guiding each other as you skate across the rink. With friends, you guys can have races and make bets.

Fun Depot/Dave and Busters: Fun Depot is a more kid-like date where you can have loads of fun. There’s laser tag, go-karts, and multiple games. Dave and Busters is more of a mature version of Fun Depot, where there is mostly just games and a restaurant attached to it.

Home: There’s no place like home. On Valentine’s Day you don’t necessarily have to go somewhere; you can just chill at home and watch movies with your significant other, or just play a bunch of games and take pictures with your friends.

At the end of the day, it is important to know where you’re going to go, but it’s just as important to know who you’re going to spend it with.