Fun and Cheap Things to do Over Spring Break

Marie Bobb, Staff Writer

Spring break is the perfect time to release all the stress that school has caused and just hang with some friends. However, that can be a little difficult when you’re trying to save money, or you simply don’t have enough money to do all the things you want.

Here are some fun, cheap things to do with your friends over spring break:

The Beach – Not only is the beach free, but there are┬áso many different things to do there. Gathering up some friends, grabbing a few snacks, and heading to the beach call for the perfect picnic.

Fairs and Festivals – You may be thinking, “fairs and festivals are rare and quite expensive,” but in reality, they happen quite often and aren’t expensive at all. By simple searching up festivals near you on Google, you can find all different types, and these are usually either free or very cheap.

Free Concerts – If you love free stuff and entertainment, then this is absolutely perfect for you. Surprisingly, free concerts actually happen all the time. When artists are new and need listeners, they host free concerts. You never know, they might just become your new favorite band or singer.

Volunteer – Volunteering can be super fun and a real easy way to get your community service hours up, especially if you are volunteering with a group of friends. From watching kids in a daycare to helping clean up the beach, volunteering is great for the community and for those that want to help out.

RELAX – With the large amounts of school work that is given to students spring break is the perfect time to just unwind and forget about it all for while. Call up some of your friends and watch one of your favorite movies or even bake a cake. The opportunities are endless when it comes to having a fun spring break.