Fashion Trends for Prom


Marie Bobb, Staff Writer

After months of daydreaming about the perfect gown or suit, the day is finally right around the corner: prom.

Prom is a night of elegance and beauty but it may be quite difficult to find the perfect outfit. Here are some prom fashion trends to help you out:

Romper – Although this may seem like a very casual outfit, there are many ways to dress up a romper and make it super fancy. This outfit looks best with simple jewelry and a cute pair of pumps.

Sparkles – Usually seen in either black or gold, sparkles have been the craze of 2016. Not only are these outfits always gorgeous but you’ll shine the whole night through.

Slits – Showing off your legs while wearing a long prom dress may be difficult so slits are absolutely perfect for those who want to show a little skin.

Mermaid Dress – This dress has probably been around just as long as prom but this is one dress that’ll never get old. With or without sleeves, this is one of my favorite types of dresses.

White – If you haven’t realized it already, white is a universal color. By universal I mean this color fits with most outfit choices, but in my opinion, white is the best color specifically for prom. It is so fitting and looks good on all skin tones.