Prom Beauty Tips and Hacks



Courtesy of MCT Campus

Marie Bobb , Staff Writer

Prom is a time of etiquette, fun and happiness. One little fault in your outfit can ruin not only your overall appearance, but also your whole night.

Deodorant remover – Those who may be in a rush and happen to put on their gown or shirt on after putting on deodorant usually end up with a deodorant mark. Many people use water and a napkin, but this just makes it worse. Rubbing denim on the mark can easily remove it in no time.

Breaking in your heels – Many of the people who buy their shoes last minute have no time to break them in. When you buy your heels, put on a couple pair of socks, try on the shoes, and blow dry them and the heel will expand, leaving the right amount of space for you.

Invest in some primer – For all the ladies and men who want to wear makeup on their face this prom, it is absolutely essential to buy some primer. Primer will prevent your makeup from smudging or coming off while you dance the night away.

Drying your nails – If you do your nails the night of prom, drying them fast is extremely important. Putting your hands under ice cold water is a super easy and fast way to dry your nails. A quick dry top coat will also help.

Unexpected acne – The thing most feared by many people on the day of prom: a pimple. Although these little surprises may seem hard to get rid of, this one trick will definitely help you out. Applying baking soda, apple cider vinegar, or tea tree oil will reduce or even get rid of the pimple for sure.