Love Cakes and Puns? Visit Nothing Bundt Cakes


Haley Hinkofer, Staff Writer

I have a real strong sweet tooth for all different varieties of baked goods, especially cakes. Bundt cakes in particular hold a special place in my heart. Bundt is a type of cake that get’s its name from the pan the cakes are baked in. Thankfully, “Nothing Bundt Cakes” has opened up to cure my cake desires.

There are nine classic flavors that the store sells year round: red velvet, chocolate-chocolate chip, lemon, white chocolate raspberry, marble, carrot, white-white chocolate, cinnamon swirl, and pecan praline. Each time that I’ve been there I continue to tell myself that I’ll try a new flavor, but as I lock my eyes on the red velvet and white-white chocolate, I know I can’t leave the shop without them. Every two months they have a new flavor that changes based on the season and trust me you won’t want to miss their new flavors which includes pineapple underside down bundt cake.

This location in Wellington has been open for the last eight months and the shop has been getting “lots of business since there are other workplaces and a hospital near by,” said Seema Matani, the store owner.

When I walked into the shop, I automatically felt welcomed by the friendly staff and the cozy atmosphere. They have a table set up that holds a different cake flavor everyday for customers to taste in order to help figure out which flavor appeals to their taste buds. Last time I went, the flavor they had out was the flavor of the month.

The prices of these cakes are incredibility reasonable and affordable, with the single serving cakes costing $3.75 per cake. The cakes come in individual containers and after you pay a worker puts the cake, a couple of napkins, and a fork into a bag so it’s more convenient to carry. The store also makes larger cakes for special occasions, and I’ve already been hinting at my parents to order one of these cakes for my birthday.

If you visit, I promise you won’t be disappointed. The only trouble you may face is deciding which flavor(s) to indulge yourself in.



171 S. State Road 7

Royal Palm Beach, FL 33414

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Store Hours:

Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm

Saturday: 10am-7pm

Sunday: Closed