How To Keep Our Beaches Clean


Dulce Paz, Staff Writer

Living in South Florida, the beach is a big part of life here. The ocean sustains essential resources and marine life, and sometime we don’t realize that our actions could have a larger impact on Florida’s oceans and its marine life. Here are some simple tips that could help conserve our oceans:

  1. Instead of bringing plastic bags, bring reusable bags or containers so the plastic doesn’t end up in the water.
  2. If you come across any trash, dispose of it because shore animals could easily confuse it for food. Organizing a beach clean up between friends could also help prevent debris-filled water.
  3. If you are ever at a beach bonfire, try not to burn your trash and make sure it’s fully out before you leave.
  4. Try not to smoke cigarettes while at the beach, as they are the number one pollutant and they can easily end up in the water.
  5. Join a wildlife monitoring program to help protect the animals from being interfered with. Educate yourself about marine life is one step closer to share that knowledge.
  6. Be a responsible boater. Use cleaning products that are helpful and make sure to dispose of your trash properly.
  7. If you bring your pets, make sure to clean up after them so unwanted material doesn’t end up in the sand.

Following these simple tips will not only help yourself but will help the community and ensure that Florida beaches stay clean for years to come.