DIY Spooky Halloween Treats

Viri Reyes, Staff Writer

With Halloween approaching, everybody is starting to think about their costume, or what their plans for the night will be and deciding on what to decorate the house with. Whether you plan on going trick or treating, having a party, or maybe staying in and handing candy out, you can make your house more festive with Halloween themed treats. Here are four Halloween treats to serve at parties or to simply have fun making if you’re staying home.
Frankenstein ricekrispie treats-

  1. Take rice krispie treats, and coat the top in green frosting. I took vanilla flavored frosting and put about three drops of green food dye.
  2. To create the top of Frankenstein’s head, melt mini chocolate chips by putting them in a bowl, and microwaving them for 30 seconds.
  3. Once melted, dip the top of the green coated rice krispie in the chocolate.
  4. Put them in the fridge so that the frosting and chocolate hardened.
  5. Take two mini chocolate chips, put frosting on the base of them to act as glue and place them as eyes.
  6. With black decorating gel, create the smile and scar.


Marshmallow witches-

  1. Take marshmellows and “glue” two pieces of mini chocolate chips to the front of the marshmallow.
  2. With purple decorating gel, create the smile.
  3. To make the hair, take coconut shreds, place them in a bowl and add green dye.
  4. Using frosting as glue, put a strip of frosting on both sides of the marshmallow.
  5. Put the green coconut shreds on the frosting until they stick.
  6. Take an Oreo, open and¬†clean it of the frosting so you’re left with just one cookie.
  7. Put frosting on one of the sides of the cookie and stick it to the top of the marshmallow.
  8. On top of that, “glue” a mini recces butter cup to the oreo. finally, on top or that, “glue” a Hershey’s Kiss.

Spider cookie-

  1. Take a ¬†cookie (I used a Chunky Chips Ahoy cookies) and “glue” a mini reeces butter cup on top the cookie.
  2. With black decorating gel, and a steady hand, create four legs on each side of the butter cup and two dots for the eyes.

Witches broom- This one is the easiest.

  1. Take a stick pretzel and insert it to the bottom of a mini recess butter cup.