Swedish Pastries in South Florida: Polar Bakery

Viri Reyes, Staff Writer

Have you ever been to a Swedish bakery? I hadn’t- and when I discovered there was one near me, I was too intrigued to resist visiting. In the Shoppes of Atlantis located in Lantana by the Palm Beach county airport, there is a small old fashioned Swedish family owned bakery called Polar Bakery. Although the bakery is established as Swedish, they serve Finnish, and Norwegian delicacies too.

Inside of the bakery there is about everything you can imagine if you’re familiar with Scandinavian treats and specialties. To name a few, they have chocolate or lemon Biskvi, Mazarine, Tosca Tart, and their famous princess cake. As someone who knows nothing about Scandinavian goods, I was still interested because the treats were beautifully decorated and I could really tell each pastry was made with precision and care. It didn’t look like the pastries were rushed or anything. Everything is baked daily and fresh.

If you’re more in the mood for candy rather than pastries, look no further because Polar Bakery carries imported candies from Sweden. They have Parda (licorice bars), Daim, and Nordic sweets. They even have a self -serve candy section by the cash register.

On my visit, I bought a slice of fruit cake, a slice of princess cake, polar bear cookies, cheesecake, and lastly an Eclairs cream puff. At first I was intimidated to try new pastries, but I’m happy to say that I loved every single thing I got. Everything was so great. The sweetness is not too overpowering. It’s just enough to allow all the other flavors to stand out. The staff is incredibly nice, and made sure I knew what was in everything before I bought it. Hopefully you visit Polar Bakery and try the fruit cake, I recommend it. If you do go, just know you won’t be able to resist yourself from going again.