DIY Christmas Treats

Viri Reyes, Staff Writer

My favorite part of any holiday is creating the perfect atmosphere for the night. I try to create that by making decorations, playing Christmas music and by bonding with my family when making Christmas treats. Since I open presents at midnight when the day turns from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day, it’s great to have little treats to snack on during the wait. So whether you have a family dinner on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, here are some treats to make your Christmas experience more special.

3 DIY Christmas Treats

Candy Cane Sleigh:

1. You’re going to need two candy canes, a Snickers bar, a little bit of frosting and two Sour Patch Kids.

2. Unwrap the two candy canes and position them vertically, next cut your Snickers bar in half.

3. Put frosting on the two strips of candy canes this will act as glue for the chocolate bar. Next, put the chocolate on top of the candy canes.

4.Lastly, dip the bottom of the two sour patch kids in frosting. You’re going to want to put on a lot of frosting so it’s able to stick without falling. Place the sour patch kids one behind the other, so it looks like they’re both riding the sleigh.

Rice Krispies Reindeer

1. You’re going to need one pre-made rice Krispies treat, one twisted pretzel, two brown, and one red M&M.

2. Unwrap your rice Krispies treat, and place the eyes of the reindeer which will be the brown M&M’s. Just by gently pressing the M&M’s down should be enough to make them stick, but if you want, stick them on with a little of frosting to act as glue. Make sure you don’t put these M&M’s too above on the treat because you’ll need space for the “antlers”.

3. Place the red M&M as the red nose of the reindeer. “glue” it down if needed.

4. The twisted pretzel will be the antlers. I found it didn’t stick on with just the stickiness of the rice Krispies treat, so coat a little bit of frosting on the pretzel and press it down gently.

Marshmallow snowman:

1. You’re going to need a marshmallow, frosting, mini semi-sweet chocolate chips, an oreo cookie, and a Hersheys kiss.

2. Take the marshmallow and put frosting on the bottom of the mini chocolate chips so it acts like glue. “Glue” the chocolate chips so they act as the snowman eyes and position about 4 or 5 for the snowman’s smile. I didn’t use mini chocolate chips, but I recommend you do.

3. Once the face of the snowman is created, move on to making the snowman’s hat. Break apart the oreo cookie and make sure at least one cookie has no residue of frosting. “Glue” that cookie to the top of the marshmallow. This will be the base of the hat.

4. “Glue” a Hershey’s kiss to the top of the oreo cookie. This is suppose to resemble santa’s hat.