My Last Bring Your Child to Work Day


Savannah Devericks, Staff Writer

On my last LTM day of high school I got the opportunity to join my dad and his girlfriend Erica for my last Bring Your Child to Work Day. I got to go to my Dad’s company, Supercloud, a technology-based entertainment company. I got to sit in on a meeting of his about one of his other brands under Supercloud. This is not what I expected from a professional meeting. I had to take a group picture of my dad’s employees because they were all matching. The president of my dad company brought out snacks for everyone to eat and also threw a chip at my dad’s head that he didn’t even notice, and a wide array of bad jokes that no one understood. It was definitely an interesting and entertaining meeting.

After my strange meeting at my dad’s office, my dad drove me to his girlfriend’s office at Morgan Stanley, a financial services company. I showed up to her office two hours late because my dad’s meeting went over time. As soon as I came into the office I met many people who’s names I can’t remember. She told all of her colleagues that it was borrow a teenager day, since she had no children of her own to bring to work. I got to help her pack up her office because she was moving to a new one. Now I have become an expert box maker since I made twenty boxes for her to fill with files.

I’ve always enjoyed going with my parents to Bring Your Child to Work Day. I still remember my dad teaching me how to burn a CD or going to my mom’s office and hanging out with all the other kids and playing games. It’s interesting to see how the day┬áhas changed since I was a kid and how much more you get to learn and appreciate as you are older. I’ll definitely miss going to work with my parents every year.