Homecoming Proposals

Stephanie Ballesteros , Staff Writer

Homecoming proposals are the new tradition. Usually, it’s the guy that asks the girl, but it’s 2017, so girls asking guys is okay too. Not everybody likes the over the top proposals, so some lowkey proposals are acceptable too.

When trying to come up with a proposal, you MUST consider the following:

  • Choose the right time. Even though this sounds like a pretty easy thing to do, many people can easily mess this up. If you want you to be romantic and have a candle path, you’re obviously going to want to do this AFTER sundown. Your proposing time depends on the type of proposal you’re doing. However, your proposal should depend on the person’s time. For example, if you know he/she is working after sundown, then you’re either going to have to make something work or just dismiss the idea altogether.
  • Don’t spoil before time. I know this is tough because when you’re putting something as big as this together, you may be tempted to tell the person but DON’T! It’s so much cuter when its a total surprise to the other person. Dropping lowkey hints is okay but flat out telling the person exactly how you’re proposing is a big no-no.
  • Clear any confusions ahead of time. Before asking somebody, you may want to check if somebody has already asked them, or if they’re planning on asking someone. You don’t want to have put a really cute proposal and then having that awkward, “sorry, I’m going with Tim.”
  • Have the person’s likes and dislikes in mind. I get that its YOUR proposal but since it’s for somebody else, you want to take them into consideration. If you know for a fact that they don’t like tacos AT ALL then don’t buy them Taco Bell and say “Let’s TACO ’bout going to hoco together.” Always keep what they want and don’t want in mind. It may sound selfish but at the end of the day, it’s going to be for them.

Lastly, have a fun time coming up with your proposal. This shouldn’t be a stressful thing. Even if its super simple, as long as you take time and effort on it, your person will most likely love it. Have fun at Homecoming