Better School, Better Life?

Stephanie Ballesteros, Staff Writer

Everybody enjoys a day full of greatness and happiness. When being a student, especially a high school student, those days can become rare. Many dread having to come to school for many reasons; sometimes it’s not even the fact that they dislike school, it’s just the atmosphere.

Of course, you alone are not going to be able to change the entire school’s atmosphere. However, you can be a small improvement over it. Here are some ideas on how to achieve that:

  • Smile. This sounds cliché and whatnot, but smiling more can actually improve somebody’s mood. If more students around our campus start smiling, it would give off that friendly vibe some of us so desperately seek. Everybody already looks amazing when they smile, so why not show off those pearls?
  • Take time for others. Whether it’s in between classes or sometimes even during classes, students always find the time to gossip with their friends. That’s totally fine. Everybody wants to be updated with the latest scoop. However, if you take time to ask your friends how they’re feeling or about their day in general, you can actually improve their mood. Sometimes it’s better to focus on the people you work with every day than the ex-girlfriend of the guy you talked to during middle school.
  • Walk away from drama. This one may be tough. Every high school is a mini teenage magazine. It’s all good until the drama is about you. Nobody enjoys being negatively talked about. Every time somebody is trying to tell you dirty gossip just think how you would feel if that were you.

Obviously, there are thousands of more ways to spread positivity throughout the school, but these are the basics. If more people start showing more interest in others, there can be a change in the school. It’s all about the environment you want to spend the rest of your High School years at.