Are Online Classes Easy?

Are Online Classes Easy?

Stephanie Ballesteros, Staff Writer

When I committed myself to sign up for the Economics class over the summer, I did not realize that I was setting myself up for weeks of misery. I believed that online classes would be easy to maneuver; I would fit the class into my schedule and finish it before the school year started again. However, I’m a week into my senior year and I’m only about 64% done with the class.

Since online classes are meant to facilitate a person’s schedule, I thought it would come in handy. However, I seemed to be pushing away my work as the weeks progressed. I did the bare minimum of 4 assignments per week. There’s no wonder why I haven’t finished yet. Because of this, I feel like online classes are easier to get distracted by. Therefore, making them harder to actually get done in a quick time frame.

According to a poll done by, a little over 40% of teenagers say that online classes are not as effective as traditional teaching. Some of the reasoning behind this is that there are a lot of distractions happening. Also, unlike traditional classrooms, there is no immediate feedback.

If you are a person who needs a little push to get work done, then a traditional classroom is the best option for you. This does not mean that the work will magically become easier to complete, it just means that you will have more resources available. For example, your teachers and your peers.

When choosing between an online or traditional class, just pick the one that accommodates your needs. Take in mind your schedule and expectations from that specific class. You should always be left satisfied with the option you choose.