Crocs are the New Black


Alayna Reddick

A student shows off her crocs.

Alayna Reddick, Staff Writer

Versatile, comfortable, and beautiful. Crocs. This shoe brand is one of the early 2000s staples, being founded in 2002. Originally a boating shoe, this shoe brand made its way into the hearts of children with colorful classic clogs and assorted Jibbitz. Jibbitz are assorted buttons that perfectly accentuate the round form of the modern classic rubber clog, and allow a personal element to these plastic dream machines. The Croc community has recently been affected with the closing of all manufacturing plants, but claims they are not on their way out of the shoe industry.

Wedding, runway, and boating Crocs, this shoe is forever adapting to a diverse lifestyle. The Croc lifestyle has been adopted even in formal industries, such as the restaurant business. Despite some beliefs that Crocs are not so visually appealing, the Croc community still stands strong against these harsh opinions. My love of Crocs runs deep, as does many of the opinions coming from Croc allies. Crocs embody the confidence of the wearer; with a shoe emulating crocodiles laden on your toes, how can an individual not conquer the world?

Crocs come in any color, to complement any outfit. Some individuals choose a more simplistic color, and some are bright and bold in their choices. Every age, young child to elderly, can enjoy the simple pleasures that come along with being a part of the Croc community.

At Santaluces, Croc allies are found within every year, with more students adopting these flexible foot fashion items. Santaluces student Madison Ford describes her experience with Crocs as, “Crocs are really comfortable and my favorite part is that I can customize them with all my favorite Jibbitz. Honestly, it is the best $38 dollars I have ever spent.” These affordable replacements for a variety of shoes have swept the Santaluces population, one student at a time.


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