A Greener Earth

Daniela Martinez, Staff Writer

More than anything right now, Planet Earth needs us.  Some major concerns we should be focusing on are sustainable food models, water scarcity, and overpopulation, and waste management. Climate change and air pollution are something else we should be worried about. We only get one Earth and we are treating it with no respect.

Some problems can be eliminated if large companies went green and stopped using plastic and if cars functioned out of solar energy, others are up to us.

For starters, waste management could be resolved if we used packaging made of biodegradable material or even reusable material. Over 380 million tons of plastic are produced yearly. We can easily cut that number over half if we were smart about the products we use. Water scarcity can be controlled if we become mindful of the amount of water we use daily. It’s easy to take it for granted when you forget it’s a scarce resource. 

For the sustainable food model, educating yourself and others about food and its nutritional value would create a change. But the cost of organic foods is the main reason why it’s difficult to obtain. Circling back to the idea of large corporations having a large impact on the earth’s health, lowering the cost of their products would help civilians have access to healthier foods for themselves and the earth.

It all begins at home. Encourage your families to eat better, conserve water, use reusable items and recycle their “trash” to take one step closer to a healthier Earth.