Ramadan Under Strange Circumstances



Dates are a common food to eat during Ramadan.

Azwad Ahmed, Editor

As another Ramadan of my life comes to a close, I find the need to reflect heavily on the 2nd time Ramadan has taken place during the pandemic. To say that this year felt normal would be a complete lie. With many mosques still being closed due to COVID-19, that outside interaction with the community is something I miss dearly.

Eating Iftar (the meal to break your fast) with your friends and praying at the mosque is what Ramadan is about. The past 30 days have felt repetitive and lonely. My family goes to the mosque quite often so it feels strange eating meals at home during Ramadan.

During Ramadan, I also started working, a much more difficult task than I thought it would be. Working long hours in the hot blazing sun has really taught me how to work harder and persevere. I look forward to Iftar time and eating my date and drinking water. It’s probably the most incredible feeling in the world.

Ramadan is a holy and blessed month to Muslims around the world, so I believe that I can speak for many when I say “Being stuck at home 24/7 during this holy month feels terrible.” Being a regular volunteer at my mosque is something that I will always miss. Greeting others, passing around food, and being able to help such a large community was always the highlight of my Ramadan. Volunteering at the mosque has taught me a lot about myself and I’ve made friends and memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Didn’t mean to get all sentimental there, but I think many other Muslims can agree with me.

Although Ramadan this year was not exactly the most normal, it is one that I will remember for the lessons I was taught during the month. I learned that it is more about the struggle rather than the reward. Going back to eating dates and drinking water, I spend the whole day thinking of the time where I can eat, but once I eat the slightest bit of food I get extremely full. I think that this just shows that it’s the struggle and the journey that gives the reward and destination any value.