Bad Case of Senioritis


Whitney Thelusme, Staff Writer

“Senioritis”-Not even a real word. Used to describe a fake illness seniors get when they get really lazy and don’t want to do any work or even come to school.

It’s almost the end of the first semester and you’re already tired of school. Tired of waking up early, tired of going to classes, tired of people and tired of everything. You’ve already been accepted to the college or university of your choice and you think you’re done with high school.

Well, you’re not.

You’re almost there, so close, just five more months. Why would you quit now?¬†You’ve worked too hard to get to where you are now. Senior year may be your hardest or your easiest, but it should always be the best.

You get all the perks senior year. It’s your last year you get to go to grad bash, prom, senior nights, and best of all: graduation. Why would you want to miss all of that?

Just think about all of that before you think about sleeping in or skipping class. You don’t want to throw away all of your hard work you did freshman through junior year just because you have a bad case of senioritis.