Ten Days of Trump


Santiago Rivera, Staff Writer

In the ten days of Trump’s America, the American people are clearly ready to resist. In every aspect, this time has been indicative of what the next four years will look like. If that is the case, it will be four years of resistance. Resistance to an administration that is testing its constitutional authority with political tactics that authoritarian governments would conduct.

President Trump’s administration has released a plethora of executive orders that include approving permits for the Dakota access and Keystone Oil Pipelines, implementing the Mexico City Policy which prohibits federal dollars from being used to provide abortions overseas, and blocking the entry of refugees from seven countries. These policies seem to counter some of the aspects of progress made by the previous administration

Along with the executive orders, we have seen propaganda and steps to limit the transparency of the White House, from deleting sections of policy plans on the White House website to limiting bureaucratic agencies’ ability to share information. Several agency employees have started alternative accounts to express themselves. The National Parks Service and NASA are two agencies that have done so. Even non-profit organizations have done their part: a giant Greenpeace banner flew near the White House from a construction crane. It read “RESIST.”

Recently, President Trump enacted a ban on immigrants from seven countries. This caused a major stir of anger through the international community and those here in the United States. Even many immigrants seeking refugee in the United States with already authorized green cards were detained and questioned. Some questions included the green card holder’s opinions on Trump. While many Republicans are criticizing the President over the Muslim ban, the administration has said it is not a ban. But, President Trump tweeted about “the ban” and his spokesperson Sean Spicer called it “a ban” during a speech at George Washington University.

Along with divisions he has already set in his own party, it seems as every day there has been a protest against him, including those at airports around the country to women marching on all seven continents. Donald Trump’s presence in the White House alone has caused the world to fear.

Even with the split in the nation and his record unfavorable polls numbers, 45 percent according to the most recent Gallup poll, his administration continues to shift more and more to the extreme right. It’s as if the shift is out of spite and ignorance. However, people of all generations, genders, and governments are prepared to resist. That is what will keep us strong. The will resist a fascist government and protect human, environmental, and civil rights. Resistance is what will make America great again.