Meet the Teachers: Mr. Seenath


Mr.Seenath enjoys parkour and playing video games in his free time.

Mr. Seenath is a teacher who encourages growth amongst his students. Mr. Seenath has been teaching biology at Santaluces for 4 years now and has been teaching for five years in total.  His passion for biology is evident in his very dynamic teaching style and ability to incorporate humor into his lessons.

Mr. Seenath loves to see his students grow. One thing that drives him forward is the ability to spark an interest in science for young minds. Using his creative capabilities, Mr. Seenath creates fun and innovative lessons, often incorporating his own diagrams and drawings for his students to understand the concepts he is teaching.

Every single class and year always brings something new, as well as its own challenges. Teaching may not be an easy job, but at least it’s never boring,” says Mr. Seenath. 

Along with teaching 9th-grade Biology Honors, Mr. Seenath also manages two of the schools most prestigious clubs, the National Honor Society and Science National Honor Society.

Mr.Seenath describes the experience of managing these two clubs as “truly humbling.” Mr. Seenath truly believes that the club members are “some of the most gifted and talented individuals” that he has had the honor of mentoring.