Meet The Teachers: Ms.Vinton


Ms. Vinton

Official photo of Ms. Vinton

Marisia Aquino-Woods, Staff Writer

Hey, my loves.

Today, I wanted to introduce you all to one of my favorite teachers, Ms.Vinton. She’s a woman who has been teaching for seventeen years, but most importantly, she’s a woman of strength, leadership, passion, and most importantly, so sweet! I just had to shine a light on her from The Tribe. With that being said, my loves, meet Ms.Vinton!

1: What is your teaching philosophy?

“My teaching philosophy is to present material in a way that students will understand, in which I try my best to make it a fun learning experience while providing as much help as I possibly can. This allows them to gain the most success.”

2: Was this always your chosen path within a career choice?

“It was. When I was younger, I grew up in Rhode Island, which is a very small state, so there weren’t many teaching jobs. My mom talked me out of becoming a teacher, hence why I didn’t start teaching until the age of 40.”

3: Toughest responsibility regarding your position as a teacher?

“I don’t really have one, to be honest, although I feel as my responsibility regarding being a teacher is to help all my students better themselves within their given future. Sometimes, I want more for them than they want for themselves.”

4: What’s your motivation?

“What keeps me motivated is students who are so thankful for the help they receive and when they realized the work done was actually worth it. Just seeing them light up and saying ‘I did it’ makes it all worthwhile.”

5:Favorite subject while you were in school?

“English, that’s why I became an English teacher.”

“I had an amazing 8th-grade English teacher.”

6: Goals for next school year?

“My goals for next school year are to improve my work ethic regarding being a credit recovery teacher, all because I’m new to it. I want to help everyone.”

“Because there are students who struggle with learning disabilities, I need to be able to come up with a better way in which I can accommodate them and their given time within hectic days.”

7: Most successful given moment within your life?

“The most successful moment in my life was when I finally gave birth to my daughter after five years of trying. It was a long haul, but she’s turned into a great 26-year-old young lady”.

8:Biggest regret while you were in school?

“Probably not trying as hard in math, because math is considered to still be a struggle for me today. And, I didn’t put my best effort into it in high school. I kind of was like, ‘eh, I don’t like math, so I’m not going to try hard.”

9: Any words of encouragement for your future students?

“I would say to put more focus on school. As of right now, it may feel worthless, but that high school diploma is the key to furthering yourself within your given career goals. You can get a certain kind of job with a high school diploma, but going the extra mile in regards to college or trade schools will open up so many other doors and make them so much success.”

10: Plans after retirement?

“Oh my, that’s 7 years away, but I would love to travel to the western states. For example, Wyoming and Montana. They’re just so beautiful. That’s just my kind of place.”

So, as I bring this interview to an end, I just wanted to say that I hope you all enjoyed learning a little more about one of my favorite teachers this year because we really don’t give them the praise they very much deserve.

Ms.Vinton, it was an honor to get to know you better. I absolutely adore you. You’re the sweetest, and thank you again!