Meet the Teacher: Ms. Ellington


Julia Duresky

Ms. Ellington’s taking a professional headshot.

Leah Fleurinor, Staff Writer

Ms. Ellington is the theater and drama teacher here at Santaluces. She is most passionate about the equality of the arts. She has always wanted to be a teacher and has taught Drama 1, theater 2-4, musical theater 1-4, AICE Drama, and Principles of Entrepreneurship. She has been a teacher for eight years and taught at Santaluces for all of those eight years.

Ms. Ellington attended Florida State University and majored in Education Sports Management. She then got her Master of Business Administrations degree at Northwood University and is now going to attend Clemson University for an Educational Leadership for a Specialist degree, which is technically higher than a Master’s degree.

What are all the achievements you have been awarded for? “Recipient of 2019 English Speaking Union Scholarships to study Shakespeare at the Global Theater in London, 2020-2021 Florida Alliance for Arts Education, Advancing Arts Education award, elected to Board of Directors for the Florida Association of Threat Education(F.A.T.E.), appointed Public Relations Director for F.A.T.E., Linda P. Wise Grant for Theatre Educators which is presented by Theater Association Education with is the national governing body, the American Federation of Teacher Leader 2021-2022.”

What are you looking forward to for the 2021-2022 school year? “Graduation and grad bash. I would love to see all my seniors I had for four years walk the stage.” What Ms. Ellington loves about Santaluces is the comradery with her fellow teachers and is the place where she met her significant other.

The advice Ms. Ellington would give students to students of Santaluces is, “Don’t be afraid to try new things and don’t be afraid to be silly.”

Some of her hobbies are running marathons, half-marathons at Disney especially, going to Disney, cooking, Lake Worth Playhouse or Delray Playhouse, or volunteering with the Junior League of Palm Beaches.

Are you currently watching a tv series? “Yes, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, getting ready to watch the new season of the Masked Singer, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Food Network, and really cheesy Hallmark movies.”

And lastly, Ms. Ellington has a small quote to give to everyone. “Don’t be afraid to be who you are; in a room of pigeons, be a flamingo. Boring gray birds be the flaming pink flamingo!”