Meet the Teacher: Mr. Gray


James Gray

Mr. Gray at a teacher’s meeting here at Santaluces.

Leah Fleurinor, Staff Writer

Mr. Gray is the Psychology teacher here at Santaluces High School. Mr. Gray majored in psychology at Saint Anselm College then later got his Masters in Education at New York University (NYU). Mr. Gray has been a teacher for sixteen years and taught at Santaluces for nine years.

Mr. Gray always wanted to be a soccer player and played in the USL professionally but then broke his leg in 2002 and that was the end. He coached while playing professionally and soon realized he liked teaching. Mr. Gray started teaching at the Teacher Civilian Learning Center and went back to school for his Master’s degree, then taught history for ESL (ESOL) students.

What he was most looking forward to for the 2021-2022 school year was getting back in school. “I was excited to have the connecting,” he said. His favorite part of teaching is the 50 minutes spent together and relationships being created. Watching students develop relationships in class allowed everyone to heal and come together after COVID-19.

What Mr. Gray loves most about Santaluces are the students, the incredible diversity, and the energy of intellectual curiosity and active participation within classes. Do you have any advice to give students? The advice Mr. Gray has towards students is to “just be open to new experiences and keep the intellectual curiosity of your youth. Experience new things!”

Mr. Gray was a finalist for the Life Changer of the Year award and was recognized and named as a Master Teacher, which allows you to have student-teachers come from either Columbia University or New York University (NYU) and help out with school related things.

Mr. Gray’s hobbies are soccer, skateboarding, paddle boarding, hiking, camping, traveling and he is passionate about family. Mr. Gray is currently reading the book The Power of Strangers by Joe Keohane. He is currently watching his favorite TV series Ted Lasso and Peaky Blinders, and is excited to watch Moon Knight because of the main character being a Santaluces graduate. Mr. Gray will always support a Santaluces graduate.

And lastly, Mr. Gray says, “I hope that everyone can have the opportunity to take psychology because it is so beneficial and something you can use outside of school.”

Mr. Gray and his two daughters traveled to Africa. (James Gray)