Meet the Teacher: Ms. Bonust


Haley Bonust

Ms. Bonust enjoying taking a selfie.

Selena Avilla, Staff Writer

Ms. Bonust is not only the English 3 Honors teacher, but she’s also a proud 2016 Alumni of Santaluces Community High School.

When asked what her favorite thing about her time at Santaluces was when she attended High School here she said, “The teachers I had.” She has been teaching here for the past two years after graduating from FAU. It was thanks to our very own Literature teacher, Mrs. Schroader, that inspired Ms. Bonust to become a teacher. She was also Ms. Bonust’s teacher when she was a student here.

If she didn’t go into teaching, she would’ve gone into Speech Pathology. The accomplishment she’s the proudest of is being the first of her siblings to graduate from college. When asked who she looks up to the most, she responded with, “Myself, because I am strong and independent.”

Ms. Bonust enjoys reading books, watching TikToks, shopping, cooking, eating, and most importantly, playing with her nephews. Her passions include reading, people that she cares about, and most importantly, mental health. Her all-time favorite book is The Silent Patient written by British-Cypriot author and screenwriter, Alex Michaelides.

When asked why this is her favorite book, her response was, “It’s my favorite because it’s a psychological thriller that really kept me interested.” She’s currently binging Selling Sunset, an American reality TV show about realtors selling houses. Her favorite food is pasta. She loves anything pasta related: ravioli, pesto, lasagna, fettuccini, you name it.

Her favorite quote is “Nevertheless, she persisted.”

Her favorite thing about Santaluces is the students. She’s looking forward to helping her students get a good SAT scores this year. She takes her time and assures that her students will get the score they need to succeed. Her advice for all Santaluces students is, “Advocate for yourself and be understanding that school is just a part of life that will eventually end, so don’t stress too much.”