Meet the Teacher: Mr. Grafton


Jonathan Grafton

Mr. Grafton is passionate about teaching math here at Santaluces.

Bryanne Elie, Staff Writer

Mr. Grafton is one of our fellow math teachers who teaches AP Calculus, Calculus Honors, and Algebra 2 here at Santaluces. He graduated from Florida Atlantic University, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Business after he majored in Finance with a minor in Accounting. 

Initially, he was a Math major as it was his favorite subject throughout high school. During high school, he had a very tough math teacher for three years, yet performed exceptionally well to the point where he became a math tutor during his senior year after he was recommended to do so. 

After college, he became a financial advisor and then worked around finance, which made him miserable; it was not until he was given the suggestion to become a teacher that everything changed for him. He started working as a substitute teacher for the district and then he realized that being in a classroom was the best fit for him, so he became a teacher. 

Although he loves math, outside of school Mr.Grafton enjoys playing golf with his dad and other fellow teachers, watching Marvel movies and shows, and playing fantasy football and soccer. He is also a big fan of the Miami Heat so much so that he never misses any of the games during the NBA basketball season. 

Teaching here at Santaluces has been a positive experience due to the students because they are “down to earth, so it has been a joy to be their teacher.” He wants to allow his students to “think logically and orderly, be able to search for answers if they don’t know it, and know how to synthesize information from different places to come to an answer for the questions in front of them.”

Though, overall, he hopes that he may teach them perseverance and communication skills and to learn to overcome struggles with tough concepts.