Meet the Teacher: Mr. Quinones

Mr. Q stands in his classroom.

Photo by Allison Bower

Mr. Q stands in his classroom.

Allison Bower, Staff Writer

Mr. Quinones is a history teacher who has been teaching for nine years, five of which have been here at Santaluces. He loves to travel, especially with his supportive wife. They have traveled all over Europe and are going to Asia next year. They also have a dog named Mr. Bailey. He loves bike riding and used to race mountain bikes, which in fact he has won quite a few awards for.

He also won an award for history in high school.

Mr. Q has always had a love for history. However, like many of you, he did not always enjoy school and definitely did not see himself becoming a teacher. In college, Mr. Q majored in liberal arts at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale and his first job was in the banking industry. After a while, he decided to try teaching and it became something he now enjoys. He believes teaching is a way to give back to society; to educate the younger generation.

One of his favorite things about Santaluces is the diversity and how nice and accepting the kids are. Something he likes about teaching is when a student understands the material he is teaching and how everything just clicks. Mr. Q’s goal in teaching is to prepare the students for the real world and just how difficult it is in society.