Meet the Teacher: Mrs. Walters



Ms.Walters smiling

Daina Desty, Staff Writer

Mrs. Walters has been teaching for 29 years and eleven years at Santaluces.

Ms. Walters knew she wanted to become a teacher since she was in kindergarten and she never changed her mind. Why? She had a teacher named Mrs. Greenely who was so “loving, kind, and sweet.” Mrs. Walters said that her kindergarten teacher made her feel “safe and happy.”  As a child, she loved books and she was always playing school. Her favorite subject in school was reading. She loved when her teacher read to her because she didn’t have books at home.  

Mrs. Walters attended Florida State University where she received her Bachelor of Science and English Education. I asked Mrs. Walters what was her favorite thing about Santaluces she answered saying  “I feel like I understand these students here.”

She didn’t have it easy at school. She had to work two jobs. She always makes sure to buy paper and pens to give to her students because she didn’t have anyone to buy her the simple things. Mrs. Walters also likes that Santaluces does the Tomahawk chant at pep rallies because it reminds her of Florida State University’s chant. Mrs. Walters’ favorite thing about teaching is “helping kids who don’t have people in their corner.”

She enjoys camping and going to live concerts, especially Save Matthews because the energy makes her happy.  “Music makes me happy.”