Prom: It’s Time for a Change

In addition to the many changes we’ve had this year, here’s another one. Not only is prom earlier than it was last year, but the venue is changing as well.

Since the end of last year, the junior class, along with the sponsors for prom administration and Mr. Yohe, were looking for a cheaper place to have prom this year. Instead of the Marriott in Downtown West Palm Beach, it’s going to be at the South County Convention Center in Delray Beach.

“Prom is going to be there because it’s time for a change,” said Mr. Yohe.  “We wanted a new venue more than anything else.”

Some people might be worried that it seems further away, but it’s the same number of miles, 12.

In addition to the new venue, ticket prices have also dropped. Traditionally, the junior class offers seniors a parting gift. According to Mrs. Orndorff, this year’s juniors wanted to lower the ticket prices for seniors as part of that tradition.

“Since seniors have more expenses, we want them to save up for things like Grad Bash and graduation,” said junior President Kaycee Hair. “For the juniors, yes, we want them there, but we still don’t have as many expenses as the seniors.”

Juniors and seniors can buy two tickets for $45 and $55 respectively. Tickets go on sale February 19th. In order to purchase a ticket, students must fill out a prom contract and be obligation-free. Any guests must be approved and provide a driver’s license.

Instead of the traditionally elaborate food spread, there is going to be a desert table, with a couple of snacks on the side in case someone wants to eat something. The juniors plan to do this because they noticed at last year’s prom that most of the food remained untouched.

The money that would usually go towards the food is going towards decorations, and making the venue look better and fit the theme, said Mrs. Orndorff.