Are You A Careless Driver?

Randi Goldman, Staff Writer

Florida’s law enforcement is supposed to be cracking down on careless drivers. “Aggressive” and “careless” drivers are being targeted by Florida highway Patrol officers. Some of these methods of aggressive driving include speeding, tailgating in traffic, and weaving in and out of lanes. This campaign is running through October 20th. Florida’s laws may change to the extent of creating courses on aggressive driving that may be required for the perpetrator to attend.

I think that this change of law can save lives, even if it’s temporary. I think that the ticketing of careless, reckless, and aggressive drivers is necessary when talking about a driver’s safety. Also, this may eventually make the road safer for teenagers who are just starting to drive. It may make the road less scary for people who fear driving because more people will get ticketed and hopefully realize that they’re doing something wrong. I think that a certain amount of tickets for reckless/careless driving should result in revoking someone’s license for a month or two, because sometimes only ticketing someone will not be a great enough punishment.

Many teenagers in modern times have no interest in driving or getting a learner’s permit or driver’s license because they fear the road. They worry about accidents and how they or their car can be harmed. Usually, this is because they see careless people driving recklessly, or reports on deaths due to vehicular homicide. Personally, I fear that the people that weave in and out of lanes will cause an accident. Many people don’t use turn signals to change lanes, or they cut you off when they’re less than 25 feet away from your car.

Not only do I fear that my car could be damaged or that I could be hurt, I also fear that I will be blamed for the accident; technically if the front of your car hits the back someone else’s, you’re at fault. So in all reality, if someone drives carelessly and there is an accident, you’re at fault. No one wants to be blamed for causing something that they didn’t actually cause. Even if you’re okay and not responsible for a car accident, your insurance will sky rocket.

Teenagers should worry about this crucial point because usually we can barely afford to pay for insurance before it skyrockets. Unfortunately, us teenagers cannot make laws that protect us, but the state government as well the federal government can. This campaign may be the start of a law that could save not only our money, but more importantly our lives.