The New SIS Gateway Mobile App

The SIS Gateway Mobile App logo.

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The SIS Gateway Mobile App logo.

Chwoeger Charleston, Staff Writer

After two years of constantly having to sign in on our phones or waiting to get to a computer just to check our grades on SIS, after a long wait, an SIS Gateway mobile app was released on Google Play and the Apple App Store for students and parents. 

Now monitoring grades is made easier and less tedious through the immediate display of classes and grades when the app opens. Notifications are even sent to mobile devices to keep students aware of grades, attendance, and all things regarding their academic performance. 

The application also includes all the features that are provided on the website such as students’ demographics, graduation summary, health information, and past test scores. Students are also made a virtual ID badge that can be scanned for school meals as well as a planner of their assignments with their due dates.

All that is needed to access the app is the usual username and password needed to get through the district portal.