4 Ways to Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions

Viri Reyes, Staff Writer

Every New Year’s Eve I come up with new year’s resolutions. I always see the new year as a new clean page that you can paint as you want. I always set a ton of goals that I promise myself I’m going to keep because they will make me prosper and make me a better person. I’m all about recreating yourself, if you haven’t noticed. However, every year is the same. Right now I’m about 10 days into this new year and I’m struggling so much with keeping up to pace with all these resolutions. Since accomplishing these goals is more of a journey than something that happens overnight, I’ve conjured up some ways that you can keep up with resolutions. Hopefully you’ll find something that actually helps.

Start small: Don’t make your resolutions too hard to accomplish. Start off by taking baby steps. You can’t expect to keep up with resolutions that you aren’t used to doing on the daily. For example, last year I banned soda from my life. I realized it was going to be hard for me to ban soda right away so the first couple of months I limited my amount of soda and when I felt that I was ready to ditch it, I did, and now I think soda is the most disgusting thing out there.

Use Apps: There are apps for literally everything. For example, I’m trying really hard to drink at least 48oz of water a day. I typed ‘water tracker’ in the app store and voila! The app reminds me every two hours to drink water. Since the reminders annoy me everyday, I drink water and meet my goal so I won’t see the reminders. The point is apps can be used for so much more than just games and social media. Try and use apps that keep track of things you want to better about yourself and make it apart of your routine.

Create a Dream Board: Envisioning is key to progression and progression is key to accomplishing. The next best thing to reminding yourself of all the rewards and benefits to your resolutions is by seeing them everyday. For example, pinning pictures of your future car, or the university of your dreams on a board and hanging it in your room is a perfect way to keep up the motivation to accomplish your resolutions. It will remind you of your goals and if you care enough you’ll keep up.

Be Determed: The hardest thing when it comes to new years resolutions is sticking to them. This may be harder for some, and if it is for you, trust me you’re not alone. Of course, I think a dream board can help immensely, but sometimes all you need is to tell yourself you can do it. It’s all about self determination, and self application. You can set everything up for yourself to have a perfect outcome with your resolutions, but if you don’t force yourself to follow through with them, all of this is pointless. So remember to just keep telling yourself you’re doing all of this to better yourself. May sound cheesy to believe that you can do it, but I think we all know self doubt can get to us and ruin what ever it is we try to accomplish.