Ajalela Stationed


Wanisha Thomas, Features Editor

Santaluces senior Ajalela Gibson lives the life of international travel we all think we would love to live. Being the daughter of a Four Sergeant Army Platoon leader, Gibson’s life required her to be everywhere her father was stationed.


Born in Hawaii, Gibson has moved from Missouri, to Texas, to Germany, back to Missouri, to Georgia, and now to Florida.


“The longest I’ve stayed somewhere was four years,” she said.


Having an inside look on the life of a military Sergeant, Gibson explains how she would not want to join the military because of the strain of travel.


“When people ask me where I’m from, I don’t really know how to answer because I’m not really from anywhere,” said Gibson.


Ajalea explains the difficulty of constantly being the ‘new girl’ and relocating.

“I feel fortunate to meet new people and experience different cultures, but it’s hard being the new girl,” she said. “I constantly have to make sure I’m giving my best first impression.”

Being in several different schools throughout her educational career there are substantial differences between them.


In Germany, she stayed at a post school where every army child remained on base and learned in English. Gibson talks about how they would once in a blue moon have softball games and interact with the other post.


“I love this [Santaluces] school” she exclaims “at one of the schools I was at in [Savannah] Georgia, we couldn’t go outside to eat,” she said. “It’s so diverse and all the teachers here are so welcoming.”


While native Floridians complain about the heat and humidity, the treasures of the state go unnoticed. But, the palm trees and beaches are not overlooked by Gibson.


“Floridians are spoiled, this whole state is like a resort,” said Ajalela. “The downtown areas are beautiful.”


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