The Tribe Visits The Palm Beach Post



Walkyria Paz

Students went on a task to go around and photograph items, people, and more during their trip to the Palm Beach Post

Walkyria Paz, Staff Writer

The Palm Beach Post welcomed high school newspaper teams from across Palm Beach county to their annual High School Newspaper Workshop. At the workshop The Tribe was greeted by many experienced journalist such as Nick Moschella, The Palm Beach Post editor; and a delicious continental breakfast. Different high schools were split into groups to learn about the many jobs and roles at The Palm Beach Post.

Students go live on Facebook Live during their session on social media (Walkyria Paz Photo)

Each group was led by a talented individual from the Palm Beach Post. Three of these journalist include Wilkine Brutus, Multimedia Journalist, Carla Trivino, PBDN News Assistant, and Julio Poletti, Multimedia Reporter.  The activity with Carla Trevino was my favorite and the most hands on. Trevino showed us some of the breath-taking shots she took at Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival. Trevino also explained to us the process of taking amazing pictures and how to fulfill the “a picture is worth a million words” saying.  Afterwards, she let us take it into our own hands and capture different moments and stories throughout the Palm Beach Post office.

I partnered up with three students from Dreyfoos and captured some pictures of those at The Palm beach Post, such as Elliot Kleinberg. Kleinberg, a journalist for more than 35 years and an expert on Florida history, taught us about the meaning behind Santaluces (a mispronunciation of Santa Lucia, a saint worshiped by the Spanish settlers). After the activities with Brutus, Trevino, and Poletti, we went back to the conference room and learned about the importance of headlines and different ways to strengthen our stories. In one of the activities that would help us, we were given a paper with multiple facts on it, in which we had to choose the most important facts and mold them into an attention-grabbing introduction.

The experience was exciting and allowed The Tribe members to advance their journalism skills. Meeting and learning from people who are professionals and seniors in journalism from The Palm Beach Post was a valuable learning experience.

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