Dealing With High School Anxiety


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The inner-workings of someone with anxiety involves very cluttered thoughts.

Shaina Francis , Staff Writer

A fall study conducted by The Pew Research Center revealed that 96% of teenagers see anxiety and depression as a problem among their peers, among these students, 70% see it as a major problem. These strikingly large numbers showcase a large issue found within modern teenagers. Due to the widespread issue of mental health, it is important to have ways to help deal with anxiety so that it does not interfere with day-to-day life.

The most constructive way to deal with an inner-struggle with anxiety is to express feelings to others. By releasing the thoughts causing anxiety, a person is no longer coping with these problems on their own. Whether it is with a close friend, a teacher, a parent, or a mental health professional, by releasing and talking through issues, a person is better able to come to terms and cope with the situations around them.

“If I get stressed out over school I go to the beach and take a walk for a little bit and cool my thoughts down,” says Junior Gevorg Mnastsakanyan. In order to deal with the high-pressure school setting for teenagers, it is key to know the best way to decompress. For some like Gevorg, the best relaxer is going to the beach and taking thought away from the situation. For Sophomore Sarah Winters, the best way is to, “Take a nap or FaceTime a friend to decompress.” Other options that could help a person deal with their anxieties are reading, going for a run, or any other activity that is generally enjoyable.

The stress and anxiety numbers in teenagers are far too high, so no matter the form that it comes in, it is extremely important that each and every student knows the activities that help them decompress and reduce the anxieties in their lives.

Here are some resources that can further help those struggling with anxiety or depression, it is always important to deal with and release feelings rather than bottling them in.