Senior Year or Bust


Kylee Johnson

Seniors try their best to continue traditions despite this poor situation.

Kylee Johnson, Editor

Although there is plenty to complain about, this unprecedented situation we are in guarantees unique experiences and memories. I mean, what other graduating class will be able to tell their kids that they had to learn U.S. Government through a computer screen while their WiFi was twitching out, as they watch six hurricanes form in the Atlantic at once, and one of the tensest presidential elections nears? Despite these struggles, we will continue to make the best out of this situation and make senior year a memorable one.

For seniors, many traditions are falling apart. Here are a few things that seniors have lost out on so far:

  1. Wearing senior crowns on the first day of school and at pep rallies. It is an on-going tradition to get together with friends over the summer break to create senior crowns. This year, however, seniors were not able to get together with large groups of friends, and there wasn’t even a first day of school to wear them!
  2. Running in at pep rallies. The rush of adrenaline when running through the gym doors during the first pep rally of the year is a staple of senior year. This year, the only running we’ll be doing is to the fridge to get a quick snack before the virtual class starts.
  3. Winning the spirit stick out of pity. Ah, the pity win…Every year, the senior class is awarded the spirit stick, not because they’re the loudest and most school spirited, but because it’s their last year here and the teachers want it to be enjoyable.
  4. Walking down the football field for Senior Night. Senior football players, cheerleaders, and band members usually have the opportunity to walk down the football field during a home football game to showcase their four years of hard work. Unfortunately, most of these activities aren’t even happening this year, so the possibility of a Senior Night is slim.
  5. Participating in the last year of sports and clubs. Although fall sports are restarting, they will not be the same; there will be no loud crowds or big hugs between teammates. If not for a canceled season, this year the band would have traveled to State Championships, making it the first time for the Class of 2021. Clubs and activities have either been completely canceled or moved to remote meetings.
  6. The last Homecoming. Homecoming is not just a dance, it’s a week full of school spirit and life-long memories. Between losing the Homecoming spirit week, pep rally, football game, and dance, seniors are missing out on a chunk of high school memories.
  7. The certainty of a good second semester. Although we are hopeful that a return to normalcy will come by the second semester, we can’t be sure. Seniors this year are bombarded with the stress of not knowing if they will have Prom, Grad Bash, or Graduation. At least with the Class of 2020, seniors only missed out on the end of the year, unlike this year full of uncertainty and worry.